Please note that as of 1st November 2023 The Autism Collective rebranded to Common Ground Disability

Support Coordination

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded service that enables a participant to hire a support coordinator to be part of their care team.

The role of a Support Coordinator

At Common Ground we provide support coordination Level 1 & Level 2 to both Plan Managed and Self Managed Participants aged 0-14 years.

If your Support Coordination funding is NDIA Managed, we may be able to support you to have your plan adjusted so that your support coordination budget can be used with our consultancy.

Please complete the enquiry form below if you would like to enquire about support coordination services with Common Ground:

What does a Support Coordinator help you with?

The role of a support coordinator is to help you find providers, services and supports that work together to help you pursue your goals.

The mix of services and supports that you use should be based on your circumstances, needs and preferences.  This might include helping you understand:

  • your support budgets and the kinds of things you can use your funding for how your funding is managed
  • what other requirements need to be met to access these supports such as when quotes might be required, what can or cannot be claimed, how much can be claimed, and when service bookings required
  • how you would like your supports and services to be delivered arrange a schedule of services which reflects your goals and needs
  • when you must choose NDIS registered providers – for example, when you are NDIA-managing supports or for certain supports as identified by the NDIS Commission
  • when you can choose unregistered providers – for example, when you are self-managing or plan-managing supports
  • quality and safeguards arrangements – including making sure the provider hasn’t been banned by the NDIS Commission
  • if you need any quotes, assessments or need follow any processes – for example, where need modifications to your home or car.

    You and your support coordinator should talk about the community, government and funded supports that you can use to pursue your goals. You can also:

    • find NDIS, community and other government services you can access
    • choose the right supports and services for you
    • connect you to providers and services that will help you pursue your goals, including advocacy services if required
    • find providers who can meet your needs, and try different providers and new supports to see if they suit you


    Your support coordinator will help you to:

    • set up service agreements and service bookings which reflect what supports you need – for example, your support coordinator can help you to understand and negotiate what supports and services you want, how you want these to be delivered and what you pay for these supports and services
    • understand what providers can and cannot charge – including travel and cancellation policies
    • find any problems that might stop you using your plan and how these can be fixed. 
    • check how your current supports are working for you
    • create a plan for what to do when something goes wrong, like with a provider cancels or when you are not happy with the service
    • find new providers or change providers to make sure you continue to get the supports you need.

    If you are not satisfied with the quality or safety of NDIS supports and services, your support coordinator can also help you make a complaint to the NDIS Commission. 

    When preparing for your plan reassessment, you can talk to your support coordinator about: 

    • what worked well for you, including what outcomes were achieved
    • what you would like to try, change or improve in your next plan, including what evidence you need to bring you with to your plan reassessment.

    Your support coordinator will need to provide the NDIA with reports on how they have helped you use your plan and pursue your goals. 

    Your support coordinator should not make decisions for you. Instead, your support coordinator should support you to make your own decisions and have the right to take risks.

    What our clients say

    Before working with Anna, I was struggling with being able to understand how I can best advocate for my children to get what they needed . Anna was able to explain a lot more to me and explain legislation in normal terms that I could understand. With Anna’s help I have been able to triple my children’s plans and get all requested help to better our lives as a family. Anna is a wealth of knowledge and we will definitely use her in the future for anything we need to do with NDIS.

    Tahlia S